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B & G Global Inc. is incorporated in Canada under Federal and Ontario Government Laws. 

1. International Business

We understand your desire to leverage your North American strengths in pursuing profitable growth internationally. Nigeria accounts for nearly a quarter of GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa and a third of banking assets. B&G Global will partner with you in achieving your goals by adopting a structured market entry strategy with the main objective of effectively maximizing shareholder value while harnessing the benefits of diversification. Our services ranges from framework analysis of target opportunities up to program design, including entry options.

2. International Investments Promotion

Our fast and multifaceted International Investments support services will help to assist you in your decision making process. Our services enable you to access our knowledge and experience as little or as much as you need to feel safe and secure in your investment experience. Some of the investment support services we offer are:

  • Decision Support Services
  • Accessing Government Funding
  • In-Market Facilitation,
  • Company Director Services 
  • Government Agency Support

3. Trade Advisory

From our experience, entering a foreign market is usually a tall order. Every business or individual seeking to succeed at it must choose with professional help the structure appropriate to their level of resources, market potential, and experience operating in the international environment. More often, the areas of needs are on such issues as export/import businesses, independent agents, licensing agreements, direct investment, joint ventures, and multinational corporations (MNC). At B & G Global Inc., our professional help covers every notch of the rope. Our areas of professional consultancy are:

  • Market Analysis
  • Expansion Strategies
  • Foreign Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Overseas Sourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Localization

Member, Markham Board of Trade

B & G Global Inc. is a member of Markham Board of Trade (MBT) which is the premier business association serving the local business community, representing over 700 members, from large corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures.

For over 35 years, MBT has helped to enhance the success of its members by offering exclusive programs and services to assist them in growing their networks and their businesses. It produces the community’s Annual Buyer’s Guide and Markham’s exclusive business magazine, the Markham VOICE, which is available to the public in print and on-line and features local business success stories.


To progressively demystify the intricacies of International expansion strategies particularly between Africa and North America.
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B & G Global Inc. is incorporated in Canada under Federal and Ontario Government Laws. Over the years, B & G Global Inc. has developed deep experience in international business, with a focus on cross-border trade and investment…

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